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Industrial area Eibenstock „Am Sonneneck“


Town hall Eibenstock
Rathausplatz 1
08309 Eibenstock
Mayor:  Mr. Staab – Tel: +49 (0)3 77 52-5 71 12
Building Dept. Manager:  Mr. Lux – Tel: +49 (0)3 77 52 – 5 71 31



7,200 (as of 12.31.1999)

Total size:
29 acres


Town of Eibenstock

Land use plan:

Updated (as of May 2000)

Land development plan:

Site development:
Gas, electricity, water and sewer available

Transport connection:
Autobahn:  30 km to connect to A72
Federal highways:  1 km to B283
Railway:  20 km to the train station in Aue

Machinery manufacturing, building construction, metal manufacturer, commerce, building materials, textile industry, wood processing

Present status:
In the development stage

Establishment requirements:
Manufacturing and processing industries, services, no trade

Established businesses:
Box factory, paint shop, roofing, construction, diamond drilling company

Land property:  freely negotiable
Up to 85% funding available for development

Collection rates:
Estate tax B:  360%
Business tax:  380%


Land area is available


Reasons for settling in Eibenstock:

1. Well-developed labor structure
Due to the historical development of Eibenstock as an industrial town, there are a large number of qualified workers in various fields.  Specialists or skilled labor ranges from mechanical engineering to the various branches of material processing technologies as far as the textile industry.  

2. Direct connection to highway B 283

The industrial area “Am Sonneneck” in Eibenstock is located directly on the northern outskirts, just 1 km away from highway B 283.  It has a well-developed access road, so that one doesn’t have to drive through town to get to the industrial park.  The B 283 highway leads through Aue to the Autobahn.  

3. The “soft” factors in favor of Eibenstock
In addition to the commercial area, the town has very well-developed soft factors.  There is a primary and a secondary school, which are not in danger of closing for lack of students.  There are two large Kindergartens (nursery, pre-school, day care) which are not over-crowded.   An adequate structure of doctors provides optimal medical care.  The Badegärten Eibenstock, the embroidery museum, the well-built sports and private leisure facilities including the all-weather bobsled, the indoor mini golf course and riding arenas offer boundless recreational opportunities.

4. All lots are fully developed
The development of the area is completed.  Natural gas, water and electricity connections are available.  Complying with the standard of development, particular mention deserves to be made of the modern telecommunication lines that the industrial area “Am Sonneneck” is equipped with.  It has almost unlimited connectivity options, so that the unrestricted use of telecommunication technology is possible.  

5. On-site supply and service partners
There are a large number of potential suppliers in the vicinity of Eibenstock.  For example, within a few kilometers there are foundries, a stone quarry, a cardboard packaging company, wood processing and metal industries as well as textile industry.  Local trade is highly productive and can fulfill the wish of every customer in an optimal way.   The hotels and inns with approx. 1,000 beds comply with the most modern standards.