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District Wildenthal

The historical hammer mill town is considered the first and one of the most beautiful summer resorts in western Erzgebirge.  The first summer guest was the theologian and later a professor of geography at the University of Leipzig, Dr. Otto Delitsch, who came to Wildenthal in 1860.  His essays significantly promoted the tourism and hiking traffic.

Last but not least, the idea of a tourist association for the entire Erzgebirge originated already in 1877, here at the foot of the Auersberg mountain.  
Wildenthal is an excellent place for hiking.

The ascent up the 1,018 m high Auersberg has a long tradition, which has been widely appreciated, also by the Saxon kings.  Even Goethe chose his route to the Bohemian Karlovy Vary through this magnificent “wild” valley.


In the surrounding forests, the clear mountain streams or also small Kneipp water basins provide the hiker a refreshing Kneipp bath.

The peak season here is in the winter months:
Winter sports have a long tradition in Erzgebirge.  Cross-country ski runs were started in this region in 1900.  The tracked ski trail connects Wildenthal on the historical road to Karlsbad with the Kammloipe (cross-country ski run on the crest) and the Bohemian neighbors.
Furthermore, a small regional cross-country ski run, torchlight hikes and the family-friendly ski slopes provide lots of winter sport fun.